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In addition to our regular member dining, the Country Club of Terre Haute offers year round fun and exciting social events. From our Drive-In Movie Night and Haunted Hayride to themed Wine Dinners and Dueling Pianos, the club boasts a calendar that appeals to members of all ages. 

We are also committed to making the club a family-friendly environment.  Not only are children welcome in all dining rooms, but we regularly feature kid-friendly events. Parents' Night Out, Family Magic Night, a Kid's Lock-In, and Family Game Show Night are all social events geared towards the young and young-at-heart!

Upcoming Events

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STAG - Daytona
Two-person teams. Each team will add their scores together, so if they both had fours, the score is 44. If the scores were different, then the score depends on how your fared to par. If one gets a par or better, you take the lower score. If you both are above par, you take the higher score first.
STAG - Colored Ball
4-person team. Each players plays their own ball and one plays the colored ball. The colored ball rotates between players on the team. The colored ball net score plus the best net score of the other 3 players are the score that count. If you lose the colored ball, you are out!