Club History


Various records do not agree on the actual date of origin of the Country Club of Terre Haute.  The most official looking record states that the club was organized on October 3rd, 1898, as The Terre Haute Golf Club, only six years after the first golf playing club in the United State was organized in New York City. The name was changed to the Country Club of Terre Haute in 1900. Members would take the street car for a nickel to a nearby cemetery and walk across the course to the Clubhouse.

In 1918 the club was moved to its present site in Allendale and a nine-hole course was built but was destined to be used only for a short time as on October 5th, 1923, the $100,000 clubhouse burned to the ground. The story goes that the force of the collapsing walls sent out streaks of burning debris and sometimes contents of the rooms. In one instance a large number of boxes and cartons of cigars and cigarettes were thrown several hundred feet. Caddies scrambled to gather them up for keeps, but they were later returned and added to the small pile of furnishings that had been rescued. No one was injured in the blaze but several had narrow escapes due to the quick spread of the fire and debris.

Undaunted, the membership planned a new clubhouse which was completed during the early winter of 1924-1925. In the Spring of 1925 the second nine holes was opened, thus, creating the first eighteen-hole course in Terre Haute. The original nine holes, salvaged from fire damage, became the back nine.

Since then the golf course, designed by famed architect, William Diddel, has hosted such prestigious events as the 1950 Indiana Open Golf Championship, the State Father-Son Tournament in 1992, and the 2012 Missouri Valley Women’s Golf Conference Championship.

Today, the club is proud to uphold its traditions by providing its members with exemplary service, outstanding food and beverage options, and a second-to-none golf course.